Meghalaya which means "the abode of clouds", is a deep Northeast state of India. One of the most magical and undiscovered place on earth. Cherrapunji is credited to be the wettest place on earth. The city's yearly rainfall average stands at 11,777 millimetres. But the most incredible thing about this place are The Living Root Bridges which are not build but grown. They are made from rubber tree roots and taken care by local villagers. It takes about 15 years for the bridge to be functional. They grow and gain strenght in time, some of the bridges in Cherrapunji may be over 500 years old. Most of them are placed deep in the jungle and to get to them takes quite a struggle . Its 4h trek one way,  with 2000 (one way) steep steps to challange  and few rusty wire bridges to cross. 
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