Train to Cusco
Ten hour journey from Puno to Cusco by train. We were very lucky beacause the railway didn't work for 2 years and it was its first journey since that. On its way to destination we cross shore of lake Titicaca and beautiful mountain landscapes. After about one hour and an half, the train arrives in Juliaca, running in the middle of the houses , of the streets and market where people are selling everything. Soon, lake Titicaca, as well as the biggest cities, are left behind, replaced by very small towns and hubmle farms connected to the rest of the world by just a  dusty track of gravel. At about halfway we stop at La Raya station the railway's highest point and probably one of the highest station in the world having regular passenger service. Where we can take a look at colorful market placed just next to the station. When sun is about to set we arrive in Cusco.

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